Monday, April 16, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

One day does make a difference in a life and eight days make a big difference. My healing is progressing. A week ago I couldn't use my crutches as my ribs hurt, couldn't eat much as my stomach was queazy, and had my foot propped up to ease the pain. Now I am getting up and about with the help of a wheel chair and crutches.

Yesterday was a big event in our household. In the afternoon my husband and I had a hot date: we ventured out into the world of two legged people for an early dinner. We went around 4:00 pm for what I call lupper (late lunch-early dinner). We ate at one of our kid's favorite restaurants (Casa Grille) and shared a stuffed pizza, the speciality salad and, for the grand finale, a slice of seven layered chocolate cake. Yes, not one, not two, not five, but seven layers of chocolate cake! I know what you are all thinking; please keep those thoughts to yourselves. We are two adults and know what is right and what is wrong, but sometimes it is just the right time to be wrong. What a nice afternoon this was: good food, great conversation and being with my best friend.

p.s. Cyndi you are my best female friend


Cynthia Rae said...

Sounds like a nice day out. Funny you forgot to tell me about it on the phone! hehehehe!

I wish I could have gone out with you both. NOT for the Italian food but for the Casa salad! Oh how I do miss those....

Today I am craving Mexican food. The longer I am here, the more I want it. Bandito's will be our FIRST (and last) stop when we get there in July!


I Gatti Americani said...

Miao and Ciao Grandma! We are sooo happy that you have a blog. Now we can keep an eye on you! Maybe you can even inspire us to get back to posting on our blog. But first.... a nap!

Much love,
Opus and Roscoe

ps. Did you save us some chocolate cake?

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice to see you up and about...and having a blog! I check Cynthia's on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

good mexican food it's an oxi-moron

eh eh eh or ja ja ja

That speech (wife of mine) jeopardizes my trip to the big country.....
Am I really obliged to drink only margaritas when there?
What else can I do? eat fajitas and craving for cappelletti ???!!!
ooooh my

nice blog bytheway momma really well done
it was time


ur bootshaped son


Tracie B. said...

welcome to blogging amerimom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi's mom, it's Cyndi's friend here. How wonderful you started this blog, just think of the followers (oops, stalkers) that are soon to follow. It would, however, be really nice for your Italian-living fans to NOT have to hear about your ethnic food eating very often, otherwise there could be a boycott! For ex., please, please save your bagel eating experiences to yourself. Especially Bagels and cheddar. You'd put it over the top if you added bacon to the mix (not to mention pastrami and cole slaw -- Oooo, there I go - the pickle could make me jump). Ok, go ahead, you are in re-hab after all. Indulge.
Anyway, good on ya.

amerimom said...

Cyndi-Cannot talk to you about everything that happens here now as you won't have any new blog info to read about.

My Dearest Grandkitties-how nice of you to type a message to me. I know it is a difficult thing to do as your fingers are paws. Would like to see your blog up again. Maybe you could do one new post a week.

Anonymous/bootshaped son-looking forward to your visit soon. I am sorry to tell you that yes Mexican food in on our lists. If you and your father-in-law have other restaurant choices the two of you can go to those while your wife and I drink margaritas.

Kin & Victoria-glad you visited my blog and left a message. Hope to get to visit with you on yours.

Traci-Thanks! Be sure to check back in.

Karen-will try and watch the food stuff. Is difficult though. I am not trying to make you expats over there miss the good old food but to maybe plant a little seed of being homesick.Then you will want to travel back to the states to see your family and friends and get some of the good food.

melusina said...

That sounds like the best kind of date. You can't do much better than pizza and chocolate, in my opinion!

Hope the ankle continues to heal.

Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to hearing more stories of pizza and chocolate and all kinds of embarrassing things about Cynthia when she was young! =)

EllasDevil said...

I'm sooo jelous...

I remember from my last visit to the USA that the deserts are delish!!

Cyndi is craving the Mexican food, you know what I'm craving right now?

A nice breakfast from Dennys... I wish we had Dennys here in Greece! Actually no I don't... because I just know that my self control would be out of the window!

Anyway, I'm happy to hear you're getting better and are on the road to recovery!

Be well! :-)

amerimom said...

Melusina-I cannot tell too many embarrassing stories about Cyndi when she was young because she knows as much about me as I know about her.

Ellasdevil-It is so funny that everyone has a different favorite kind of food that could be found overseas. It would be interesting to take a poll and see what the top choice would be.