Wednesday, April 18, 2007

#1 Son

I would like you all to meet Scott, our first born. Growing up the in the midwest he and his family still reside there, living not too far away from us. His interests growing up were the usual boy things. One of the things I did with our children while my husband was in graduate school was to take them to watch the university marching band practice and also go to the football games. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with his interest in bands and music but in the 6th grade he started playing the trumpet. Many hours were spent practicing music and marching in many band competitions. Interested in music and maybe influenced by the fact that his father is in academia, Scott started his college days with the goal of becoming a music education teacher. Many more hours of practice and a lot of hard work his dream of graduating and teaching become a reality. He has been in music education for over nine years and is just as excited about his position now as when the first job offer came about.

While in college Scott met his future wife Emily. She majored in nursing and has been in her profession for over nine years as a pediatric nurse. Emily is a wonderful daughter-in-law, wife, and mother, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to others when the need is there. I could not have found a better person for Scott to marry if I tried, not that I would have wanted to.

This last summer our family was blessed with the birth of their beautiful child Cara. Cara is, of course, the most perfect and beautiful baby our famiy has ever seen. Now, I know there are some of you out there who might disagree with that statement, but after all this is my blog. Cara completes our family and none of us can ever remember a day that she was not part of the family. I don't know how we got along before Cara joined the family. Cara is a happy baby and enjoys every minute of every day. We are so fortunate that she and her mommy and daddy live close enough that we can see all of them on a regular basis.


melusina said...

Such a beautiful grandbaby! How precious she is.

My parents had to move to be close to my brother and his wife when they had their daughter. Now that she is almost 9, I wonder if I could get them to move to Greece to be near us if I had a baby? Hmmm...

Cynthia Rae said...

That Grandchild of yours just gets cuter every day! Can not wait to see (and the rest of you) in a few months.

Nice post about Scott and Em. What a nice family you have!


Scott&Emily said...

What a beautiful summary of our family. It brought tears to my eyes! Family is so important to us and we are so fortunate that Cara will have such a great relationship with all of her grandparents.

Kim and Victoria said...

You do have a lovely grandaughter and lucky for you she lives so close!

Nonnaita said...

Yes, I must say, we do have a wonderful family. And Cara reflects everyone's happiness by her perfect smile. She reminds me of Scott when he was little.

amerimom said...

Melusina-maybe your parents might move if you had a baby(?) If they wouldn't move I know at least they would visit.

Cynei-You bet, Cara does get cuter with each day. She is looking forward to seeing you again and meeting her uncle for the first time.

Scott, Emily & Cara-Glad you liked the post. Your father and I are so proud of you guys and are so glad that you live close enough that we can visit.

Kim & Victoria-We think Cara is beautiful, thanks.

Mom-You are right Cara does have a lot of Scott's looks as well as Emily's looks. She is the perfect combination of the two of them. She is the happy baby that her daddy was when he was little.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuzes

What a wonderful blog. I will keep up with ya all, Cyn and Scott and Em and the biggest one of all Cara ( she looks like she always enjoys life ).
See ya all in July!