Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Husband

I want to take this time to introduce everyone to my husband. He is my best friend ever and we have shared many wonderful years together. Luckily for us our interests run along the same pathways. So when you get to know him you will also get to know a little more about me.

For this blog he shall be called Ameridad. I do this as our youngest child now lives in Italy and when I sign in on her blog I sign as Amerimom, thus Ameridad is my husband. So much to say about him but where to begin?

Ameridad was born in Illinois and moved to California at a very young age. Moving back to the midwest pre-teen, this is where he still resides. We attended the same elementary and high schools though we never met until a year after his graduation. Through mutual friends we were fixed up on a blind date and as they say the rest is history. We dated, married, raised a family, and now are entering the wonderful world of being grandparents. Hold on a minute, for those of you who know our daughter, she doesn't have children or one on the way, but our son and his wife have a beautiful baby girl.

Ameridad has had many hobbies over the years: cars, biking, motorbiking, canoeing, photography, camping, geneology, radio controlled planes, and astronomy. His professionl work has been in academia for twenty-nine years and he is a shared author of a college text book.

These days his beautiful grandchild is the apple of his eye. The hardest thing for him about being a grandpa is trying to get the baby away from the grandma.


Cynthia Rae said...

And now everyone knows where I get my good looks from! hehehehehe!

What a nice write up about my Dad. Do tell us more this very interesting family of yours!

ps. What a cute little grandchild!

Kim and Victoria said...

Ameridad sounds like a great guy. Good luck getting the grandbaby away from him. I'm still looking forward, (maybe) to grandchildren. Probably still a ways off though if it ever happens.

amerimom said...
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amerimom said...

Cyndi - you will be interested in my next post. It is adoubt my #1 daughter. She is the most caring wonderful person with a heart of gold you will ever know.

Kim & Victoria - you bet Ameridad is a great guy. I was also thinking that with Cara we should have a sign up sheet for times as to who gets to hold her. I don't think that would work as I would sign up for all of the times. In time you too will be grandparents I am sure. Cara was a long awaited arrival. We just had to wait until she was her time to come into this world to be part of our family.