Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Recap

What a wonderful third birthday celebration spent with family and friends. The day for Cara started with preparations getting ready for the guests that were invited for the party. When we got to Cara's house she was ready to show us the decorations, gifts, and her beautiful castle cake that her mom made for this special day.

Checking out the birthday cake.

The cake was made by Emily. Cara was so excited that mom made the cake for her and thanked her for making it.

Taking a call from Italy, Aunt Cyndi is on the other end of the conversation sending birthday wishes.

The day after the party there was plenty to keep us all busy . . .

. . . we went swimming over at Cara's cousins, thanks guys!

After swimming we all went out to dinner, even Great grandma Abbott came along.

On Sunday Grandpa needed help putting together a scooter that Cara received as a birthday gift. She was more than happy to help him out.

With the scooter all together it was time for knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet then time to take things outside.

Cara wanted to also show us how she could ride her bike.

Next on our to do list was to play with the bubble soap.

Last but not least we could not pass up on the nice windy day so the kite was brought outside. Cara had the kite flying way over the house.

What a great time we had celebrating with the birthday girl. Thanks for the nice weekend all!