Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Anniversary

Forty-three years ago today I stood in front of God, family, and friends to pledge my love, devotion and married my best friend, Bruce.

Mr. & Mrs. at last!

Cutting Of The Cake

Heading out to start our new life together.

My marriage to Bruce has been so much better than I ever dreamed it could be all those years ago. I love him more with each passing day that we spend together. I love him more today than I did yesterday and tomorrow I will love him more than I do today.

This getting old together isn't so bad after all as long as we do it together.

Happy Anniversary Bruce!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Blue Christmas

Last weekend we picked up Bruce's mom and headed over to the High School that Scott teachers music education at for their winter jazz concert. We had a wonderful afternoon of music, family, hot chocolate, and homemade desserts for us to enjoy. I especially enjoyed the concert as Scott was playing with the bad on several numbers instead of conducting. This was the first time that Scott's Grandma Abbott had seen him with one of his bands.

Warming up with some hot chocolate before the concert started.

Cara went up to the stage so I could get a photo of her and her dad while he was working.
I guess she thought this would be a good time to do some modeling. It was really funny.

Scott playing the keyborad for the first several numbers.

Playing a trumpet duet.

Trombone Time.

After the concert it was time for some family photo shots.

Four generations.

After the concert we went out for dinner in Lafayette then it was time for the long ride home. The weather cooperated and we arrived home happy and a little tired.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

Our Thanksgiving was celebrated Friday with Scott's family and Bruce's mom joining in on the traditional feast. Cara was given the choice on who she would like to sit next to and she picked Great Grandma Abbott. Before we ate we visited with our Italian family sending them our love. The following day we found ourselves headed to the mall for family portraits and then lunch at Pizza Hut.
Waiting our turn at the photo studio, they were running a little late.

The next set of business was a visit with Santa.

Cara warming up to Santa and telling him her Christmas ideas.

Three generations.

Before we left the mall we took two rides on the carousel.
Cara and Grandma A are at the top.
Grandpa, Greatgrandma, & Mom are looking on.

Grandpa and Cara on the last ride of the day.
Next stop was Pizza Hut.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Strike Two-I'm Out

Over the weekend we spent most of Saturday doing yard work to get ready for the winter months ahead. This was the last mowing of the season but things didn't go as smoothly as they should have. Twice I got into trouble with the machine. Luckly I was not hurt nor was the mower damaged. The lesson I learned on Saturday was if you are doing something and have a gut feeling that you shouldn't be doing it you should listen to that little voice inside. It is probably right!

When I got the machine turned off I was at the edge of a 25 to 30' drop off by a ravine. More excitement than I ever care to have. To help the situation there were trees there that would have prevented me from going over but while it was happening I didn't know that. I only knew that I had to get the machine turned off as fast as I could.

Bruce came to the rescue and tied a rope onto the mower.

In no time at all the mower was back on safe soil. After a brief rest I headed back out to finish the job, making sure I stayed away from the ravine.

The second situation was much later in the day and I still am not sure what happened. It was muddy and I don't know if the mower just slipped on the mud and before I knew what was happening the mower was once again in charge of a bad situation. I was afraid that I was going to go up the steep slope and was certain the mower could roll. I don't even remember how I stopped the mower but I did. Talking later with Bruce about it he said that it wouldn't have rolled, sure wish I would have know that little bit of information at that time.

The first plan of attack for getting the mower out didn't work. It kept getting more stuck in the mud.

Bruce then headed onto the roadway and pulled the machine up the slope.

No damage and no injuries.

I know my daughter, Cyndi, is upset with me about the mowing. She doesn't believe me when I say I have learned from this. It won't happen again. I am listening to the inner feelings and staying away from slopes and ravines. I'll even wager a large bet with her that it won't happen again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cara & Gracie Pure Love

The first time Gracie wandered into our yard one day in July it was instant love as soon as she was spotted. Cara was immediately in love with Gracie that day but doesn't quite understand why the kitty doesn't like to be held when she wants to hold her. It only makes sense that something so young fuzzy and cuddly would want to be held but Gracie decided to put down some rules for Cara while they were visiting last weekend.

Gracie really likes Cara, but doesn't always think that her timing is always right. On Saturday night Cara wanted to hold Gracie but she had other plans. Gracie got tired after much running away, jumping on my lap for protection, a little tiny noice coming from her voice box, the only other thing to do do let Cara know that we didn't want to be held was a gentle bap on her head. Cara wasn't sure about and very surprised that happened. We all laughed and made fun of the tap so she wouldn't be afraid of Gracie, and I told her that was her only way to say no.

On Sunday morning I shared a secret with Cara. I told her Gracie's secret was if you don't chase her or try to pick her up all the time she would come over to you for visits. Wow, was I right and Cara is quick to learn. They had a good Sunday together sharing hugs, on Gracie' terms, and cuddle time. Great friends now for sure and much love between the two.

Enjoying the cuddle time together.

Talking on the phone with Aunt Cyndi all the way in Italy.

Cara and Gracie are friends forever.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jazz Concert & A Surprise

A couple of weeks ago I was in Carasburg spending several days with her. Our days were filled with shopping, lunches out, and playing hard. On Friday instead of heading for home I decided to stay over and attend a concert that Scott's jazz band was having on Friday night. I was missing Bruce, even though we had many phone calls, and Cara was missing him too. Several times she had asked him if he could come down but with his with his work schedule he had to stay behind in Fort Wayne.

When we arrived at school for the concert and made our way into the auditorium after being there several minutes to all of our surprises we realized that there was Grandpa waiting for us. I wish I had the camera at the moment that Cara saw him. Needless to say she was his girl at the concert and the rest of the weekend.

We had Scott take a photo of the four of us waiting for the concert to start but that picture was blurry. Fortunately, Cara took a photo of us after her dad left and as you can see she is quite the photographer. The photo is in focus and framed perfectly.

Scott leading the jazz band for a number and joined in a number playing the trombone.

After dancing in the isle it was time for a little rest.

Playing on the bridge after the concert is the number one fun thing to do.

Drinks for all - a stop at the Dairy Queen.

Saturday morning was spent after a wonderful brunch having a fashion show of our Minnie Mouse dress and just catching up on all fun things to do with Grandpa.

Grandpa & Cara sharing a Mexican lunch together.

Giving lots of hugs and kisses to last until the next visit.

All too soon our visit was ending and it was time to head for home. Until next time xoxoxoxox.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girls Day Out

A day starting with a cloudless sky, cool breezes, and temperatures in the mid seventies made it the perfect opportunity to head us over to the Indianapolis Zoo. Cara and I spent the whole day there, just the two of us. Here are a few photos of our busy fun filled day.

. . . this photo was taken by Cara. We had just arrived at the zoo . . .

. . . Cara standing by the beautiful flowers outside of the zoo entrance . . .

. . . visiting the petting pond. Yes, that is a shark . . .

. . . watching a sleepy polar bear . . .

. . . time for some hugs . . .

. . . feeding the ducks animal crackers . . .

. . . two train tickets, yeah . . .

. . . all aboard, ready for a train ride around the zoo . . .

. . . checking how tall Cara is . . .

. . . play time on the play ground and then it was time to head for home . . .

What a busy fun day. Thanks Cara for loads of fun!!