Friday, October 23, 2009

Cara & Gracie Pure Love

The first time Gracie wandered into our yard one day in July it was instant love as soon as she was spotted. Cara was immediately in love with Gracie that day but doesn't quite understand why the kitty doesn't like to be held when she wants to hold her. It only makes sense that something so young fuzzy and cuddly would want to be held but Gracie decided to put down some rules for Cara while they were visiting last weekend.

Gracie really likes Cara, but doesn't always think that her timing is always right. On Saturday night Cara wanted to hold Gracie but she had other plans. Gracie got tired after much running away, jumping on my lap for protection, a little tiny noice coming from her voice box, the only other thing to do do let Cara know that we didn't want to be held was a gentle bap on her head. Cara wasn't sure about and very surprised that happened. We all laughed and made fun of the tap so she wouldn't be afraid of Gracie, and I told her that was her only way to say no.

On Sunday morning I shared a secret with Cara. I told her Gracie's secret was if you don't chase her or try to pick her up all the time she would come over to you for visits. Wow, was I right and Cara is quick to learn. They had a good Sunday together sharing hugs, on Gracie' terms, and cuddle time. Great friends now for sure and much love between the two.

Enjoying the cuddle time together.

Talking on the phone with Aunt Cyndi all the way in Italy.

Cara and Gracie are friends forever.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Children and pets can teach each other so much about love and boundaries. So we don't understand those parents who don't like animals and/or won't let their children near them.

Scott, Emily, and Cara said...

Cara loved looking at the pictures of her and Gracie! So Cute!!