Monday, October 12, 2009

Jazz Concert & A Surprise

A couple of weeks ago I was in Carasburg spending several days with her. Our days were filled with shopping, lunches out, and playing hard. On Friday instead of heading for home I decided to stay over and attend a concert that Scott's jazz band was having on Friday night. I was missing Bruce, even though we had many phone calls, and Cara was missing him too. Several times she had asked him if he could come down but with his with his work schedule he had to stay behind in Fort Wayne.

When we arrived at school for the concert and made our way into the auditorium after being there several minutes to all of our surprises we realized that there was Grandpa waiting for us. I wish I had the camera at the moment that Cara saw him. Needless to say she was his girl at the concert and the rest of the weekend.

We had Scott take a photo of the four of us waiting for the concert to start but that picture was blurry. Fortunately, Cara took a photo of us after her dad left and as you can see she is quite the photographer. The photo is in focus and framed perfectly.

Scott leading the jazz band for a number and joined in a number playing the trombone.

After dancing in the isle it was time for a little rest.

Playing on the bridge after the concert is the number one fun thing to do.

Drinks for all - a stop at the Dairy Queen.

Saturday morning was spent after a wonderful brunch having a fashion show of our Minnie Mouse dress and just catching up on all fun things to do with Grandpa.

Grandpa & Cara sharing a Mexican lunch together.

Giving lots of hugs and kisses to last until the next visit.

All too soon our visit was ending and it was time to head for home. Until next time xoxoxoxox.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a fun visit. And a great surprise!

Cynthia Rae said...

Looks like a lot fun. Again, I missed it. Poor me, forced to live in Italy! Sigh.

That was really sweet of Dad to drive down to surprise you! What a sweet guy!

Have fun now, I will be there in the spring and I will NOT miss a thing!
Much love,