Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cyndi's Here!

Cyndi is back in the states and the family is enjoying her company! After she arrived in the good old USA her flight out of Detroit was delayed for over an hour due to a winter snow storm. As she sat in the plane she could see many trucks keeping busy to make sure the runways were ready for take offs and landings.

Cara and Mom getting ready to head for the airport. Cara helped make signs.

The greeting party at the airport waiting for Cyndi to arrive.
We are all now happy! Cyndi's plane has arrived and we can see it from this window. It is over the right shoulder of Cara.
First sighting of Aunt Cyndi!
Cara could hardly wait to have Aunt Cyndi get past security so we could give her hugs & kisses.
Happy to see you again.
After collecting luggage and receiving a quick surprise gift at the airport, we headed to Outback at Cyndi's request, for a family dinner.

Back at the house there were more surprises brought over from Italy. Uncle Danilo sent a beautiful princess dress for Cara and there also was a princess doll wearing the same style dress.
After a quick visit and with Cyndi going over twenty-fours with no sleep, we all snuggled down for the night. It's great to have Cyndi back for another visit!

Friday, February 20, 2009

One More Day

Venice July 2008

In a little more than twenty-four hours Cyndi will be arriving in the US for a visit! We are all happily awaiting her arrival. There will be plenty of hugs, kisses, talking, movies, and girls day out events planned.

Have a safe trip Cyn and we will see you soon!