Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

To family and friends living near or far we wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Wishes

It's beginning to look a not like Xmas.

Across the miles we want to wish all of our family and friends the happiest of times this holiday season and in the coming year.

Thinking of those who are celebrating away from us . . .

. . . keeping them in our thoughts and hearts.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happiness Is

Happiness differs from one person to the next. In the last couple of days I have had the pleasure of being at a place that makes me happy and enjoying all that comes with it.

As Ameridad and I headed south we left behind, freezing rain, snow, blowing snow and cold temperatures. We both enjoy the winter snows but there is a lot to say about warm sunshine too.

We are not skiers but we both appreciate the beauty of the winter snow from a warm house looking at the outside through a window. So arriving in the south to much warmer temperatures didn't take long for the smiles on our faces to say it all.

The first morning we headed out for breakfast on the beach with Ameridad's mom. Here they are sitting at the restaurant enjoying good food, fun, and family.

The view we saw from our table.

After breakfast Ameridad and I headed to the beach and enjoyed every moment there.

Checking out the water, the beach, looking for sea shells, and the many wild birds you find at the ocean's edge. The temperature of the water is in the mid 60's, not too bad if you are from up north, probably the temperature of Lake Michigan in August. If I can shake the cold I have been fighting for the last couple of days I might give the ocean a try when we come back.

This place is definitely on our to do list again. Before we left I wrote in the sand "We'll be back".

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ciao Italy

Visiting Carasburg over this last weekend, we all watched from the warmth of the house as the first winter storm raced through the city. We had an assortment of weather, starting with cold temperatures that allowed the rain to come down and freeze. Next to make its presence known was a lot of snow, followed by high winds, allowing blowing and drifting.

With the outside being not too human-friendly, we spent a fun day playing with Cara and visiting with Scott and Emily. It was the kind of day you spend being lazy and staying in your PJ's all day long.

As the day passed by we decided to give the Italians a Skype phone call. After crowding into the computer room, making contact with the Italians, and having a picture with sound, it was then time for a family visit. It is nice to be able to see and hear those you love who are so far away from you. It was now time to visit Zia (aunt) Cyndi and Zio (uncle) Danilo.

Cara decided to give her Zia Cyndi in the monitor a surprise and said "Ciao." Zia Cyndi was thrilled to hear her sweet little niece speaking Italian to her. I have to say that the American side of this conversation was excited too.

Saying our good byes and signing off from Skype, I felt better to have had the family together, as much as we could be. Even though the miles are far, Cyndi and Danilo are near in our hearts. It is always good to have these visits with all.