Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Esperia Travels, LLC

Cyndi and I are proud to announce that Esperia Travels, LLC is now a registered company in the State of Indina. The tour itenerary for 2008 is completed and Esperia Travels is accepting names for our scheduled tours.

Several months ago Cyndi conceived the idea to start a tour guide company specializing in small group tours through Emilia Romagna. After many months of hard work and research, Esperia Travels is now a reality. I will be handling the office side of the business while Cyndi is organizing and will be heading up the tours.

The CEOs of Esperia Travels

Since Cyndi's return home, she and Danilo have been working hard to get the internet site up and running. Danilo designed and put together the website, we owe him a big THANK YOU! Also, along on this adventure we put Ameridad to work as our proof reader. His new name is Moe (mean, old, editor) and we appreciate all of the time that he gave to doing this for us. The biggest thank you is to Cyndi for asking me to join her as a partner with Esperia Travels. I am looking forward to joining our clients and Cyndi on one of our tours in 2008.

Why the name of Esperia for our business? Esperia is the name that the ancient Greeks gave to Italy, meaning "land of the setting sun". At the time Cyndi was thinking of names for the tour guide company, Danilo was reading an Italian book called "The Marshes of Esperia". It is set in the Delta Po region of Emilia Romagna, one of the very spots our tour will be visiting. He recommended the name and as they say the rest is history.

At last the website is finished and we are ready for business. If you are interested in taking a tour with me, just drop me a note at or visit our website at

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am interrupting my time travel posts to send out an important message! Danger lurks all around!! Be careful, let my experiences be helpful information for all. Today, with the weather being in the 80's and no humidity, I decided to do some outside work. Since my ankle isn't swelling so much I am doing a little more work and could not pass up on the beautiful day we were having.

Working outside today was the most difficult time I have ever experienced while doing yard work. I started off by trimming the overhanging limbs on bushes and prickly vines that would scratch me when I would mow. When I was working on one bush I suddenly felt like my underarm was on fire. I wasn't sure if I was bitten by something or if I touched poison ivy. I immediately left the bush, headed for our pool, and put my arm in the cool water. When the burning stopped I investigated the bush and found no poison ivy; maybe something bit me.

With the danger waiting in the bushes, I decided that I would do a little hand mowing around the pond. This might sound like a simple chore but I soon found out that it wasn't the case. After mowing for awhile I suddenly noticed in an instant that I was being stung on my leg, arm, and up under my shirt in a most feminine place by our local bees. Racing away and leaving the lawn mower, I noticed that I had mowed over an area on the ground that was swarming with bees. I didn't know that bees built hives on the ground; I will remember this new piece of information forever.

After heading again for the cool water of my pool to ease the bee stings, a little while later I decided that I would mow for awhile longer. Keeping an eye on the bees and getting as far away as I could from them, I was mowing the grass that was growing on the side of the pond. Although trying to be careful not to get too close to the pond, I managed to stretch too far and could see that if I didn't let go of the hand mower, I would be alongside the mower heading into the pond. Yep, I let go of the mower and watched it head for the pond. Lucky for me, or should I say lucky for Ameridad, the mower didn't go into the pond.

After everything happening I decided to head inside, fix a quick dinner, and talk a long hot bath. I will see what tomorrow brings but I'm not sure I will be ready for yard work. Ill' probably just enjoy the view from the house.

You have all been warned as to some of the hazards of yard work. Please take precautions when you are out in the great outdoors.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Mr. & Mrs.

July 14

Months of planning and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends traveled from near and far to witness the wedding of Erin, our youngest niece. The weather gave its stamp of approval with the sun shining down on us, pushing the rain forecast away for the day.

Entering the church to take our seats we were greeted with many colorful summer bouquets of flowers throughout and sounds of music played by a string quartet. Soon it was time for the wedding to take place and we watched as the grandmothers were walked down the isle. Next to follow were both sets of parents, who went to the front of the church and lit the candles that were next to the unity candle.

Seven bridesmaids entered the church and took their place at the front, waiting for the bride to be brought down the isle by her father. When I looked back and saw Erin with her father I have to say that she took my breath away. It was hard to believe that our youngest niece was now a young beautiful woman about to be married. With tears of happiness in my eyes I smiled, as I knew she was finally marrying the man she has been in love with for many years. Many thoughts ran through my mind for Erin and Nick as they are now will start a new journey in life together. I wished the new couple much happiness and that all of their dreams and hopes become a reality.

Exchanging wedding vows

Mr. & Mrs.

Family photos with the bride & groom

Cara with Grandma & Grandpa

They traveled from Italy to be here

Cara with Daddy & Mommy

A little fun after the ceremony

Heading out to the reception after a lot of hugs, laughs, kisses, and pictures.
To be continued. . .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heading Out

July 13

Today we spent the morning and early afternoon getting ready to head out of town for a family wedding. Relatives from near and far would be getting together as our youngest niece on my husband's side of the family is getting married tomorrow.

This morning we were greeted by the beautiful view outside our back door. The water was as smooth as a section of glass, with a slight mist arising from the water. I think everyone took a few minutes out of their morning to enjoy the lovely sight.

Another lovely sight was little Cara greeting everyone this morning with big smiles and laughs.

While the women stayed busy packing and got things ready to head out of town, we realized that the men were nowhere to be found. It didn't take us too long to figure out that the guys were flying, I mean trying to fly, their little airplane.

Here's the guys getting the plane out of a tree so they then could do some more flying. This scene, by the way, was repeated more than once.

Late in the day we arrived at our destination checked into our hotel rooms, caught up with family, and found a place to have dinner. After eating, we went back to our rooms, played a few games of wii, and turned in to get a good night's sleep before the big day ahead tomorrow.

The happy bride-to-be and her mother having a quick visit with Cara and company.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Once Upon A Party

July 12

Back at home with Grandma, Cyndi, and Danilo we had a few moments for some rest and relaxation. The guys took advantage of some nice weather and enjoyed our pond with a paddle boat ride. Oops, guess again! If you look closely in Ameridad's hand you will see a remote controlled helicopter. Guess someone, and I won't mention any names, flew the helicopter into the water. I will give you a hint, the pilot isn't an American. Good news: there was no damage to the copter and it flew more missions before we left for our vacation.

Having the Italians visiting for a whole month might sound like a lot of time, but since we are planning a three week road trip we know time will be limited. Many of our friends wanted to see our foreign visitors so I thought of the perfect way to make that possible. I picked tonight for a surprise party and had several of our friends come over for a mass visit. Cyndi knows me so well that surprising her was not an easy task. As a matter of fact, while we were sitting next to each other I received an RSVP telling me that they would be able to attend. I kept the conversation short as I didn't want to tip off Cyndi, but I must have looked guilty of something. After the phone call she asked me what was up. I knew I couldn't get out of this one so I confessed as to whom I was talking and told her that tonight this person would be coming over along with another friend. This was the truth; I just didn't tell her that there were others coming over too.

Some of our guests getting caught up on what the Italians have been up to.

Thrown in with the surprise get-together was the early (surprise) celebration of my birthday. My wonderful daughter-in-law is a fantastic cake decorator and made me a tasty cake. The top of my cake was decorated with a few of my favorite things. Cara helped me blow out the candles on my cake and was the first to taste the delicious icing.

One of the favorite things on my cake was a small swimming pool representing my enjoyment of the water. As you can see by my face, that I got that piece. Guess what? Blue food coloring stains your mouth! Oh well.

Everyone got a laugh out of my new make-up. Cara, however, always knows I am good for a laugh didn't think that this was unusual for me, although she did have lots smiles for me.

New Arrival

Announcing the newest arrival, Esperia Travels, LLC
July 11

Cyndi and I have decided to go into business together. While she was in the States, we met with a lawyer and a business banker. Our dream of running our own tour company is now a reality; Esperia Travels,LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of Indiana. Offering tours in 2008

Cyndi's passion for Emilia Romagna has turned into a business opportunity.

With tours being set up in Italy and the legal aspect taken care of in America, we are ready to set up our website and get into business. We will let you know when all of our cards are in place. To be continued. . .

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time Again

July 10

With a family wedding in the not too far future another trip to the airport was on our to-do-list; Ameridad's mother would be arriving today. After hugs, hellos, laughs, a quick lunch, and no time for rest it was time to head to the photographer's studio. It has been a long overdue gathering of our family and an updated photo was a must. I have to say that we looked pretty spiffy as we smiled for the camera.

Our family is a circle of strength and love
With every birth and every union, the circle grows
Every joy shared adds more love
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger

Sweet Pea, Great-grandmother, Grandpa, & Daddy

As I said in yesterday's post, how nice it is to have the family together again.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Time Machine

Time travel has always been an interesting theory among authors and movie producers. What would it be like to be able to travel through future or past events? No one will probably ever know but my blog is going to take that idea and go back to the past. I want to share the fun and travels our family had while Cyndi and Danilo were visiting from Italy. With that being said I am taking my blog back to July.

On July 9th Scott, Emily, Cara, Ameridad, and I were waiting at the Indianapolis International Airport for the arrival of the Italians. With a change in their flight out of Detroit, due to pilots calling in sick from being overworked with too many flights, they arrived safely though tired.

Cara meeting Uncle Danilo for the first time and seeing Aunt Cyndi for the second time.

After a lot of hugs and kisses at the airport and getting the baggage loaded into the car we all headed for Outback so Cyndi could get a delicious salad.

It is great having everyone all together making final plans for a busy July ahead.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Trails To You-Until We Meet Again

The city of Indianapolis, IN taken from the rooftop of the parking garage.

Picture of the tail of the plane that Cyndi was going to board for her flight home.

Cyndi talking on the phone with Scott, saying one last good bye.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with airports and yesterday was one of the hate days. Emily, Cara, Ameridad, and I were seeing Cyndi off as she was heading back to Italy after visiting state-side for a month. She could stay for a whole year and I would still be sad when she left for home. Almost from the day that she arrives, in the back of my mind is the dreaded having to say good bye cloud. Yep, you guessed it: I am a glass is half empty kind of person.

Sitting at the food court while waiting for her flight to begin boarding I noticed happy people next to us. It was quite obvious--with them making a welcome sign and filling up balloons--that they were having a love day at the airport. I really wanted to pop their balloons but thought that it wouldn't be a good idea, nor would it change the fact that Cyndi was leaving.

I, along with her father, will miss the laughs, stories, travels, shopping, eating at favorite restaurants, swimming, playing wii, movies, stops at the ice cream shop, visiting with family and friends, along with anything else that might come our way that we would end up doing. I do know, however, that there will be other visits and as a matter of fact we are talking about the next one. Hey, I am trying to look at the glass as half full.

It helps to know that Cyndi is now at home with her husband who loves her very much. He is a wonderful person and makes her so happy. The life they share in Italy is filled with good friends and new adventures await them each day. Love to both Cyndi and Danilo, see you two soon. Thanks guys for the wonderful visit!