Friday, April 27, 2007

Pizza Day

While on the road to mending my broken ankle I have decided that all Fridays will be pizza day. Today I reached for the phone book, looked up the number for delivery, filled out the check, taped the check on the front door, and waited for the pizza delivery person to ring the door bell, letting me know the happy news that the pizza is here. I then used my crutches to get to the wheel chair, got in the chair, and wheeled over to the front door to bring in the pizza. All in a good day's work. Nothing too difficult about this. Nothing like last Friday.

About one o'clock last Friday I realized that I hadn't eaten lunch yet and my stomach was letting me know. I looked at the clock and decided that I didn't want to wait two more hours without eating, until my wonderful husband came home to see what I might need. While debating with myself on how hungry I was, an idea came to me in a flash.

Right next to the bed I saw the telephone sitting on top of the phone book. Then I noticed the checkbook and an ink pen next to the phone. I looked up the local pizza phone number, placed an order to be delivered, wrote out the check, told the pizza people to have the delivery person set the pizza box by the front door, ring the door bell, take the check, and leave the pizza outside of the front door. Perfect! With a lot of hard work I naviagted into the wheel chair to get myself around the house.

I knew I had to get the check and envelope taped to the front door, so I started my adventure soon after making the phone call in order to allow plenty of time before the delivery was made. As I was making my way around the house to accomplish this mission I realized that the easiest part of this task was finished and the hardest part was coming. Keep in mind that last week I was not very good at using the crutches so I did a lot of walking on my knees. Crawling around like a wounded soldier, I made my way out of the bedroom and inched my way over to the wheel chair, taking awhile to pull myself up, all this with a hurting ankle. After I got into the chair it was relatively easy to glide around the house, find an envelope, put the check in it , tape it to the front door, and wait for the delivery.

Once the pizza was delivered it was a matter of reversing the process to get where I needed to be to enjoy my lunch. As you can see in the photo, the mission was accomplished. Not only did I take care of having my lunch but my husband ate the leftovers and didn't have dinner to prepare that night.

Today all of this was done in half of the time that it took last week. The road to recovery is a slow process but each day is better than the last. Next Friday will be better yet! Yea for Pizza deliveries!!


Cynthia Rae said...
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Cynthia Rae said...

That first comment was mine. Too many mistakes. Will try again...

Yeah for Pizza Friday! Though the pizzas in Italy are WONDERFUL, there are days when I miss a good, old American deep dish. When we get to Chicago this summer, we will HAVE to eat at Gino's East! I remember the first time I took Danilo there, he couldn't believe that I ordered a small pizza for two people (keep in mind the pizzas here are big, VERY thin and each person gets their own pizza). Of course when he stared to eat the Gino's pizza he understood. After two bites of a small Gino's and there is no room for more!

Glad you had a nice lunch. Hope it goes even better for you next week!


Amy Dankert said...

Yay for pizza day! I am supposed to be working on my final exam and some other things that are due Wednesday, but what am I if not an all star procrastinator. Well I hope you are getting even better, soon you will have to keep up with Cara. We had fun at A Day Out with Thomas. Owen was amazed by the big Thomas. His favorite part was playing with Neville at a train table that was set up so his buddy Kevin suprised him with his own Neville.

Kim and Victoria said...

That's a lot of work for pizza! You certainly earned it.

melusina said...

Pizza Fridays are an excellent idea. Too bad we fast on Fridays in this household (hey, I can sneak something behind my hubby's back, but not a whole pizza!) - so maybe we'll have to make Saturdays the official pizza day!

You went to a lot of trouble to get your pizza, but hey, pizza is always worth it!

amerimom said...

Cyndi-Hey how about Pizza Hut pizza when you and Danilo are in the states. We won't even have to wait until Friday.

Amy-I always say put off today what you can do tomorrow. Glad you had fun with the Thomas Train and that Owen was feeling better.

Kim-Victoria- You bet I went to a lot of work for the pizza but it was all worth it in the end. Also, this Friday was a breeze compared to last week.

Melusina-Instead of breaking your Friday fast you should make Saturday pizza day in your house.