Monday, April 23, 2007

The Best Medicine

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I am about to prove it. Scott, Emily, and Cara came up to my homestead this weekend to offer good company, TLC, and helping hands. As you can see our weekend included a gentle wake up call in the morning, a good book to read, family time with good food, fun, silly faces, and lots of laughs.

A big thank you for coming up this last weekend to cheer me up! I appreciated your help around the house and the good company. Cara is the best medicine; no doctor could have prescribed a better way to forget the injured ankle.


Scott&Emily said...

Glad we could visit and brighten your day and make your pains go away, even if for a short time. Hopefully we can visit soon, if not overnight, at least a stop half way for dinner? Cara enjoys seeing her grandparents as much as they enjoy spending time with her!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Cara is a cutie, and she looks so happy. Lucky you.

Cynthia Rae said...

I am missing out on EVERYTHING! Wahhhhh!

Loved the photos! Cara is such a ham! Too bad I couldn't be there too, but it was great seeing you all via the computer. Just a few months and we will all be gathered around that table together.

Counting the days....

amerimom said...

Scott & Emily-will take you up on another visit soon.

Kim & Victoria-we sure do feel lucky to have such a wonderful granddaughter and in case you couldn't guess we enjoy every moment we have with her.

Cyndi-I know you are missing out on a few of the family things living overseas but you can also say that we are missing out on Italy tours. You will have plenty of time this summer to see Cara . I also know Cara cannot wait to see her aunt and uncle.

Deb Rountree said...

Hi Amerimom...You blog is getting gereat! I love the post you write about you kids and the cats. My mom is going blind otherwise, I'd set her up with her own blog. What a hoot! Keep in touch!