Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day on our property always warrents stopping and enjoying the view. When I opened the curtains in our bedroom this morning a blanket of snow covered the ground and a gentlewind was pushing the water in the pond to the southwest, giving the appearance of a current you would see in a river.

As I was taking pictures this morning I realized that I was being watched. The curious observer was one of a pair of Canadian geese that we now have nesting next to our pond. The goose was searching for food along the bank of the pond and after awhile gracefully slid back into the water and headed back to the nest shared with his/her mate. The two geese take turns staying on the nest, keeping the eggs warm at all times. I am not sure when the eggs were laid but I will keep an eye out to see when the big hatching takes place. Last year we had baby geese in mid May. I have been told that once geese build a nest they will return in future years. I don't really know if this is the pair we had last year but they have built the nest in the same place the nest was last year. The geese will not share the pond with other geese; they will chase other geese away but will allow other ducks and coots to stay on the pond.


Cynthia Rae said...

I can picture being there just by your discription (makes me a little homesick). However, it would be better if it weren't snowing...

Sunny Italy is, well just that. We have had sunshine and sring like weather.

Nice talking to you guys today. Hang in there, spring will arrive soon!

edt said...

Welcome to the blog world Amerimom :)

Your 'weather & geese' post is exactly the sort of blogging entry I find interesting. A slice of life at the other end of the world.

It doesn't snow in the valley where I live. I appreciate after months of shoveling the stuff and living with the gray slush that its not much fun, but it does make a landscape look so beautiful on a crisp sunny day.

Keep up the good work.
Regards from a sunny but cool Autumn day in New Zealand...edt

amerimom said...

Edt-sun & warm weather, what is that. Will keep all posted on the hatching of our geese.

Derby said...

Don't forget your fur grand kits! Opus and Roscoe need to be shown off!