Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Party For Our Princess

We are getting ready in Italy to have a party for Cara's birthday which will be coming up soon. Since we cannot get home in time to celebrate so we are having a princess party on my blog.

You all are invited!

The party will continue over the next few days with a special message to the birthday girl and a photo surprise.


Punkin said...

Punkin And I will have to miss the Birthday Party for Cara. Please pass our Happy Birthday Wishes to her.
Punkin will be on vacation and I will be on Long Island for a funeral ( if I get there - haven't been there in years ).

Send Cara ba big hug and kiss from me



Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, what fun. A web party for the little one.

Scott, Emily & Cara said...

Cara was so excited about the psot for her upcoming birthday party. She kept yelling Cinderella, Ariel, Princess! Her favorite was the first picture with all of you in it, we printed it off and she has been carrying it around saying Grandma, Grandpa, Cyndi, Danilo! She sends all her cuddles and kisses! Hopefully we can skype in the morning (our morning)!!

MoMo said...

Happy, happy birthday to Princess Cara!!!

Purrs and nose kisses from Momo

Cynthia Rae said...

We are having a party just for you Cara, all the way in Italy. It isn't as fun as having one with you, but it is a good second choice!

Let the party begin!
Uncle Danilo and Aunt Cyndi