Friday, July 4, 2008

Italy Day Two

Today was spent trying to get on the time zone of the Italians, unpacking, shopping for a party, catching up with as much conversation as we could, a night drive in the country, and a stop at a local festival.

Our first convertible ride this trip.

Stopping at Cyndi and Danilo's favorite restaurant for one of their favorite pasta dishes. The name of the restaurant, "Senza Nome," translates to "without name." The waitress gave us the wrong food and tried to pass it off as our error. Since Danilo ordered the food we knew that the problem wasn't in our ordering, but since it is Italy we all accepted her apologizes and ate what she brought to the table. Lucky for us it was good, but from the two Italians I know it wasn't as good as what we ordered. We are planning on going back again for the correct food and not sit at her station.

The festival where we stopped on our second night in Italy was at a landing field. We had permission to get into the airplane and as you can see, Bruce was happily playing pilot.

Bruce and Cyndi by the plane.

A ride in the country.


Anonymous said...

HUMMM The bulls eye on the plane is closer to Cyn - mean anything LOL
Danilo must be on holiday he is all scruffy - like it


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Catching up. We thought you were goofing off, having a great time and not posting. Oh, were we wrong.

Looks like fun.

Deb R said...

Oh my I remember the ride in Danilo's car from last year! You made me laugh!