Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Day After The Party

The day after the party was spent catching up on some much needed rest. We all took the lazy approach today but we also did a little clean-up and in the evening had a ride in the country: We were on a mission.

Too much party or still some jet lag?

Even though Ameridad is supervising when this photo was taken I will have to say that we all helped with the clean-up today.

A beautiful ride through the countryside at sundown.

Arriving at our destination, Bagnacavallo.

Mission accomplished, our first stop at the gelato store since we arrived!

After our gelato we headed home and from the conversation, tomorrow will bring a mystery trip.

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Can see you're all making memories to last till the next get together.

Asta ate gelato in Italy. Is that ice cream or something different?