Saturday, July 19, 2008

Destination Venice

When we planned our trip to Italy to visit Cyndi and Danilo, plans were also made for my birthday in July. Cyndi asked if I wanted to be in Rome or Venice for my birthday and after thinking for about a half a second I said "Venice!"

I have been fascinated with Venice since reading about it in elementary school. Having seen first hand the beauty of this magical city, I am still in awe and cannot get enough of seeing it.

On July 14 we all were waiting at the train station in Faenza to board for our three hour ride.

Smiling faces as we all head to The Grand Canal for our first photo of the traveling four.

After our vaporetto (boat bus) ride we got off at St. Mark's Square then wound our way through the city to find our hotel.

The view outside of our hotel lobby window.

After checking into our rooms we all headed out to take in the sights.

The Rialto Bridge.

The Bridge of Sighs.

S. Giorgio.

Knowing that we had a full day ahead of us tomorrow (even though we didn't want the day to end), we went back to our hotel for a night's rest. I almost could not sleep with the excitement of knowing that I would wake up in Venice on my birthday and travel to two islands just beyond the reaches of the main city.


Scott, Emily & Cara said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like we are looking in a photo book. Looks like a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday!
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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ah, what a lovely view. You are so fortunate to be taking this trip with family.

the desertqueen said...

oh what fun this is - to see venice all over again - not as many cats and dogs as the last time i looked at it, hahahahahahaha!
it seems that you guys are having the greatest times visiting with each other and seeing beautiful italy!
thank you for letting us share the experience. kind of. hahahahaha,
the maid
p.s. - just started this blog (desertechoes) so a lot of things will still have to be worked out....

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi just called over from Cynthia's blog...what a great adventure you all had...and your photo's are super...:-)

MoMo said...

Great photos! What a lovely place to be spending your birthday!