Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It's here! It's here! We have talked about doing this since we were in Italy three years ago. Ameridad and I are heading back to Italy together to visit Cyndi and Danilo!

With all of the final things taken care of, the most difficult part of our journey was left for last: packing everything that we needed to take. Not only did we need to pack for us and bring along a lot of things we probably won't need, but we also had to bring items with us that have been requested and some that weren't.

There are many things that cannot be found in Italy, so when trips are made surprises always come along with us. Everything that was to be packed was put out and left in the hands of Ameridad to do his magic and get everything into the suitcases and make sure we were under the weight limits set by the mean old airlines.

Some of the many things you cannot find in Italy: peanut butter cups, peeps, twizzlers, cookie mixes, ranch mixes, and July 4 decorations.

Waiting at the airport for the first part of the trip.

So far so good, waiting in Detroit to board for Italy!

Oh, oh! Waiting and waiting on board for several hours in Detroit. Seems that there is a problem with something on the wing that needs to be fixed. All on board including the pilot do not know if this problem can be fixed. This most certainly is not a good thing as almost all have connecting flights waiting at the other end. I'm all for fixing whatever is wrong, unlike some other people on board who just want to take off. Even though I am not a pilot, I am pretty sure that those thingies are really important for the success of our flight.

What will happen? Will we spend the night in Detroit? Will the problem be fixed and we leave late? If we leave, will we get our connecting flight?

Find out tomorrow.


Cynthia Rae said...

What happened???? Are you in Italy yet? Must Danilo and Cyndi wait another day for peanut butter cups and kisses??? Will your poor Grandkitties have to go another night without cats treats????

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Are you stuck on a flight over the ocean with broken thingies? Are you still sitting in Detroit airport? I sure hope not! You and Ameridad MUST get those treasures delivered on time. Those at the other end are counting on you. They're HUNGRY!

We hope they duct taped or super glued the broken thingies and you arrive safely and on time.