Sunday, October 14, 2007

Summer Recap

When I left my time travel posts back in August my family had just attended the most beautiful wedding of our youngest niece. I now want to bring our adventures to a close and catch you up-to-date with what we did during the remaining summer.

Our family at the wedding reception.

Cara dancing with Grandpa and the bride

The day after the wedding the bride's parents hosted a Sunday brunch at their home. The weather was perfect and a relaxing day was spent visiting with out-of-town relatives and friends.

Cyndi and Aunt Chris

Great Aunt Chris and Cara.

That evening our family headed to one of our favorite restaurants for my birthday celebration. Cara enjoyed being taller than me and had so much fun tapping the top of my head.

The following day Cyndi, Danilo, Ameridad, and I headed east for a week-long vacation. The last vacation the four of us were on was when we visited Italy two years ago. Danilo was a great travel host and now it was our turn to show him a little of our country and history. Before we left on our trip we met Scott, Emily, and Cara for breakfast.

It was so great to have the family all together and I really enjoyed having so much time with everyone. Scott and his family didn't join us on this trip as they thought the baby might not travel too well, so after breakfast we said our good byes and headed east while they headed southwest.

The next post will be about our first stop on our trip. The first stop was a surprise for our son-in-law, Danilo. I'm pretty sure I scored brownie points with him.

Stay tuned.


Cynthia Rae said...

Of all the stinking building and houses I have take "the architect" and it will be the one YOU took him to that he will always remember. I have to say, we have never been able to do what we did there in all of the places we have seen. How will you ever top that?

Looking forward to hearing more about our trip. Was it really three months ago???

amerimom said...

Cyndi-does my getting us into the Frank Lloyd Wright house, having freedom to walk everywhere, sit where we want, take pictures of anything we want, having the historical representative of the house at our finger tips to answer any questions that we might have, get us into the house on a closed day, and each of us having that last moment in the house before we hit the road (if you know what I mean-and no it isn't what is sounds like to those who don't know) have to be topped? I don't think so. But I will be looking just in case I can top that afternoon. I am so glad that we had this opportunity to show Danilo something that he is especially interested in and that our time spend there was together.
ps For those of you who may want to know what our special moment in the Frank Lloyd Wright house was I will tell you. We all took a potty break, with permission, before we hit the road for Philly.