Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Country Ride

Hey, join us for a ride in our corvette. Put on your sweater and bring along a jacket as we head out into the country. This is the time of year where summer is just a memory and the taste of much colder weather looms close at hand.

Fall offers a magnificent display of colors as the trees start preparing for winter. Last night we had a frost making the vibrant colors in the trees quickly fade. The steady winds blow through the tops of the trees making the leaves fall, streaming towards the ground. Tonight offers a bright blue sky, temperatures are cool but not cold, and our desire to squeeze in as many rides as we can get in the convertible before the car goes into storage.

Sit back, put on your seat belt, turn on the car heater, and enjoy the quietness and beauty of the farmlands near where we live. After the ride we will stop along the way and grab a hot bowl of potato cheese soup. Enjoy and thanks for coming along.

1 comment:

Cynthia Rae said...

What a nice ride! But how do we know that you were in a vet?

Looks like we have more fall color in our leaves than you've got in yours! We haven't had a frost yet, but we have had tons of rain.

Happy Halloween!