Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mam maw

The translation for mam maw is grandmother. That is what Cara called me last Tuesday as I was leaving the house to gas up the van. I didn't hear her say it but both parents were yelling to me saying that she was saying bye baby then said bye mam maw. I went back to Cara to see if she would say it again but that didn't happen until much later in the evening. This time we were heading upstairs for her bath and she called me. I didn't hear the mam but I did hear her say maw.

I am so honored that with four grandparents in her life that I was the first one to be called grandma. I can hardly wait to hear her call me again and also have her call her other grandparents.


Cynthia Rae said...

That is wonderful. Sorry I missed it! Now, could you guys please get her to say Zia (aunt)????

If not, at least work on ciao for me, would ya?


amerimom said...

We are trying, and I do work with her on her Italian when I am with her. What little I know of it. She knows you are Zia Cyndi. And we are working on ciao.