Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgivings Revisited

Thanksgiving especially is the holiday that has me reflecting back on the wonderful memories our family has shared. Our family has had many blessings and for those I am thankful. Our children have had the pleasure of knowing their great grandparents, all of their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Here are a few of those memories that I hold so dear.

Our young family - Cyndi, Daddy, & Scotty.

At Grandma & Grandpa A's house.

A gathering at our home.

Together in Ohio.

Sharing good food and fun with those we love the most . . .

. . . don't forget the hugs that were given out.

Times with the kids.

Celebrating in July while Cyndi was back from Italy for a visit.

The joy of being with Scott, Emily, and Cara on her first Thanksgiving.

Remembering those that were an important part of our family but are no longer with us. They are always near to me because of the memories we have shared, still I miss them greatly.

Raymond, my father, and our family dog Muffett.

Edna, my mother, and one of my best friends.

Raymond, my father-in-law.

Many Thanksgivings have been shared by my family and hopefully many more are going to be. I look forward to the many gatherings, laughs, hugs, and good times that we will share. Sending all my love to my family, the most single important thing in my life. I love you all so much.


Cynthia Rae said...

What wonderful memories! And just think, there are many more to make! Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Don't worry about us here in Italy, we just got done with oven roasted turkey breast, stuffing, corn, and the whole nine yards! Even had a WONDERFUL pumpkin pie (thanks to you guys). One thing we had to go with our Thanksgiving dinner that you didn't, vino sangiovese! Ahhh!

Belly stuffed and ready for bed! Just like in America.

Much love to you all!

Nonna ita said...

What a very nice posting, Steph.You do a fine job of writing.

amerimom said...

Cyndi-I do worry about you, not because I know that you might be sad etc but because I am your mom and that is what moms do. We all missed you and talked a lot about you guys. I always talk to Cara about you, especially when she is dancing to the tune on her favorite toy that you guys gave her. It is a hit. Love you both so much.

Nonna Ita-Thanks, we sure do have those memories huh?