Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dance Baby Dance

This post is dedicated to Cara's Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Danilo. For Cara's first birthday her present from her aunt and uncle, from Italy, was a toy that speaks English and Italian. This is one of her favorite toys to play with and she especially likes the song in Italian. When the music starts our sweet grand daughter will dance with a big smile on her face.

I have tried many times to get a video of Cara dancing to the Italian tune but as soon as the camera is in sight the dancing stops and she walks to the camera so she can see the baby. Cara knows that you can preview the pictures taken and she especially wants to see the ones of the baby. Other distractions that can happen when one is trying to dance is loosing ones balance, noticing other toys in the room to play with, or something interesting on the television.

Getting a dancing video wasn't as easy as it may sound. I did get a little dance time in when I recorded her from behind, but as you can see that didn't last for long.

Beautiful baby

Oops & Ouch

Sneak taping from behind, a pacifier and gravity again.


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