Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Perfect Walk

Summer is now just a memory as cold temperatures at night have left frost on the ground, the leaves are almost all off of the trees, what leaves are still hanging on are past their brilliant colors for fall, and as I am typing this white things are falling from the sky toward the ground. I am not ready to use the sn_ _ word yet, not ready to say it or spell it.

Two weeks ago Ameridad took a walk around our property enjoying the gentle winds in the air, sunny skies, and pleasant temperatures. We want to share those pictures with you and invite you along for a walk around the property. So let's head out back and see the beauty of our backyard.

Standing west of the pond looking east.

At the north side of the pond looking southwest

At the back of the pond looking west toward the house. If you look closely you can see me on the deck painting.

On the path walking west heading back to the house, a ravine is on the left and the pond is on the right.

On the path looking north.

Standing southwest looking northeast.

Looking to the north you can see the beach area of the pond. This is the end of the walk and hope you enjoyed coming along. We have lived here going on ten years and both of us enjoy the beauty of our property every day.


Nonna ita said...

What a lovely, delightful walk through your nature preserve. I love it as much as you do...except for the winter. Very nice, Stephanie and Bruce.

Kim and Victoria said...

Your property is GORGEOUS!