Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good Bye Buddy

In the spring of 2006 I became acquainted with a little cat who didn't seem to have a home, but by the looks of the fat belly, plenty of neighbors were taking care of. Once a day the cat would find our house for a visit. I tried not to get attached to the cat as making him a part of our family was not possible because my husband has allergies. Being an adult, I felt that I could enjoy the cat and assured myself that I would enjoy the visits and that would be that.

I knew that the idea of not getting attached to this cat was impossible as soon as I found myself naming him (I called him "Buddy"), looking forward to the visits, calling the cat when I saw it, offering food on a few snowy days, playing, and giving hugs out. I knew that I was headed for a broken heart someday if Buddy was not part of my family, so it was time to end our relationship; that way he could break someone else's heart, not mine.

When the following spring came around I smiled as I saw a fat Buddy heading toward our house. I knew that Buddy had made it through the winter months, probably having found someone else take care of him. With warmer weather we saw each other once a day and it didn't take Buddy too much time to get the upper hand with wanting my time. Daily visits were started up again, with Buddy staying out on our back patio for hours sunning, sleeping, and looking into our patio doors meowing; it seemed liked forever. At this point I asked the husband with allergies if Buddy could become a part of our family, even though I knew the answer before asking it. After the conversation with my husband I had a talk with Buddy and he understood the situation, that finding a new place to hang out was something he needed to do.

Last week I was thinking that I hadn't seen Buddy for awhile and was wondering if the little fella was OK. I couldn't believe it when a few days later I watched Buddy out in our field having a good time catching mice. I opened the door and watched him for awhile. I didn't call out to Buddy as he was getting along fine without our visits.

This morning it all came crashing down on me as to how much this little fuzzball had weaseled his way into my heart. I went out to our car and realized that something was on our front porch. When I walked up I saw Buddy laying by our front door, unable to move. I immediately got my husband and, barely able to talk through my tears, explained what was going on. Avoiding a situation like this is why I distanced myself from Buddy, but now I'm right in the middle of it.

We checked Buddy out and knew that this cat need help so a call was made to the county animal shelter rescue line. Within an hour a man came out and put Buddy in a cage. He said that it looked like he got into something that made him sick and was going to transport him to the emergency veterinary clinic. I was a little relieved that he wasn't hit by a car or in an animal fight so now he has a chance.

I am telling myself that Buddy will get fixed up and be placed in a nice family home. That is the perfect ending for such a cute little guy. That is the story I will keep telling myself.

Good bye Buddy. Hope you have a good family to love on you. I'm so glad I got to know you.


Cynthia Rae said...

Mom, I am so sorry to hear that Buddy isn't feeling well. I know how much you enjoyed his visits and will miss him very much.

Let's hope that he is feeling better and that they were able to fix him up at the vet's. He is such a sweet and friendly cat, I am sure he won't have trouble finding himself a good home.

Is there a way you could call and check up on him? I know you don't want to know, but the news could be good. Even if it isn't good news, at least you would know one way or the other.

Keeping you and Buddy in my thoughts and here's hoping he is back on his feet soon.

I Gatti Americani said...

Sorry Buddy! It looks like our plan backfired. When we told you to play sick on our Grandma's porch, we thought for sure she would take pity on you and let you go inside the house. We didn't even think of the fact that she would haul you away to the mean vet's. Hope the went easy on you there. At least now maybe you can find a good home and a family of your own to love.

Best wishes Buddy!
Your Buddies,
Opus and Roscoe

Kim and Victoria said...

So sorry about Buddy. We adopted a cat - someone on our block moved and didn't take him with them. He was old and cranky - my daughter named him Hobo because that's how he looked - scroungy. We gave him a house on our porch and fed and watered him, and combed, and petted him, for a year. I finally had to make the decision to put him to sleep last winter. It's always hard. Good luck.

Deb Rountree said...

My prayers go out to Buddy and you. I hope he is well and being taken care of. You did the best you could do. You were a true friend when he needed you.

amerimom said...

Cyndi-I sure will miss seeing the little guy. I am not going to call to find out about Buddy, I know the vet has fallen in love with him. The vet took Buddy home to spoil him rotten.

Opus & Roscoe-Shame on you giving Buddy ideas for worming his way into my home. Not all cats are as fortunate as you two. You have a wonderful home and good parents.

Kim & Victoria-I know Hobo appreciated his home with you guys. It is so strange how these little furry critters can reduce us humans to weak beings when it comes to them. I am going to put up a wall so as not to get attached to a critter again.

Deb- Thanks for writing. At first I was so sad to think that Buddy thought of this as his home to come to when he was in trouble. I know in my mind that he had many homes but the guilt was there. I think Buddy came back to our house because he knew he would get help here.