Friday, May 23, 2008

Helping Out

We spent the earlier part of this week visiting with our sweet grand daughter. She is growing up so fast and doing new things each day.

This summer grandpa and I are not going to be able to be in town for Cara's birthday. With this in mind we decided that we would give her one of her presents early. This also gave Cara and grandpa a fun project to work on together.

Cara helping grandma carry a big box in from the garage.

Checking out the picture on the front of the box, looks like this could be something interesting.

Helping grandpa to unpack the many parts.

Making sure grandpa knows how to use the screw driver to get things in right.

Reading the directions to make sure the assembly is being put together correctly.

Almost done, this is starting to look like the picture on the box front.

All that hard worked has paid off and Cara can now enjoying her new sand and water table.

Happy early birthday sweet one. Enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for my new sand and water table! I love it! I am so glad I got to help put it together!
Cuddles and kisses,