Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Red Is Gone

Spring 1970 Dad, Scott, & Cyndi

Big Red, '67 Chrysler 300 Convertible, has been a part of our family since 1978 and logged in many miles while used as the second car to the family. Big Red didn't like it when I would try to drive her and would let me know this whenever I would try to start her, she wouldn't start.

Summer 1980 Great grandparents with Dad, Scott, & Cyndi

Big Red took the family on many outings, including a road trip to New Jersey. Having a nice wide vehicle was perfect for traveling with younger children as they could not touch each other, thus keeping many fights from starting.

Big Red was put in storage when we bought another red car, a '86 Pontiac Fiero. It was always a thought in the back of the dad's mind that he was going to restore her someday. Spare parts were purchased for this project and the car along with the parts were moved with us from the old house to the new house. The years have a way of going by and the project of restoring her was becoming more distant. To restore the Chrysler would cost more than the car would be worth. What to do?

Luck was on our side when we had body work done on the Fiero recently. The project of restoring Big Red was talked about but at this point in time we decided that this was a project that we were ready to walk away from, meaning the male in the house finally decided that he would probably never get to it. Talking to the owner of the body shop, bringing him over to see Big Red, making a deal, and signing the title over to him she now has a new home and a new lease on life.

We will be following her progress and updating you as to what restorations are being made. You will certainly be surprised as she will look nothing like the car she once was.

An old Chrysler does not die, it just fades away.

They just don't make them like they used to.


Anonymous said...

I remember her coming to NJ and in Indiana. Loved that car. She was so big and comfy.
Knew it would be sooner than later she would be gone. Wish Bruce could have fixed her up, but it does take time and money.
Hope her new owner can gt her in shape and show her in car shows.

Bye bye Big Red


Cynthia Rae said...

I could almost cry. It is like you sold off one of your own children! How could you?????

My childhood memories of filled with Big Red. I remember once, in Fort Wayne, when she ran into a car in a parking lot. The funny part was that we were all inside the store shopping. It was like something out of a Stephen King movie! Heheheheheheh!

I can also remember (clearly) watching the road whiz pass under my feet, through a rusted spot on the floor. I had always hoped the hole would get enough that we could stick our feet through and drive the car like the Flintstones!

We will remember you always Big Red. Best wishes in your new life.....