Thursday, May 24, 2007

Easy Life

I have spent my life living in the Midwest and like all places there are advantages and disadvantages. Today is about some of the advantages, living in a small community and enjoying a much slower pace than in a city.

In our small town a new restaurant recently opened with a 50's theme and great food. It is about a five minute drive from our house and last Sunday we met two of our friends for lunch. Our friendship goes back about ten years ago as Sandy was our realtor and we hit it off. The guys also enjoy each other and share many interests. They have fun figuring out the world's problems but they are keeping all of their solutions a secret between the two of them. Sandy was the first person to call after I broke my ankle and brought the most delicious meal over to our house, complete with dessert, the first day I got back into town from my unfortunate accident. Her thoughtfulness is very much appreciated by us as well as the friendship we share.

After having some good food, good conversation, and a lot of laughs it was time to head out. With the Corvette out of storage it was time for a drive.

We headed out for a country drive, passing by farmer's fields and pastures with horses in them, eventually arriving at our local covered bridge. Southern Indiana has more covered bridges than the northern part but we are fortunate to have one not far from where we live. Last year a road was built next to the bridge to divert larger vehicles. Locals in the area still use the bridge and that includes Amish residents.

After getting sprinkled with rain as we took pictures we decided to head for home. With the price of gas so high right now it probably was a good thing that the rain cut our drive short. Putting the car back into the garage I put the rest of the day to good use and started to detail the car. It's looking pretty good.


Cynthia Rae said...

Looks like a nice day out! Can't wait to be Stateside with you both (in less than two months)! Of course, if we all go out to dinner at that diner Danilo and I will have to sit on Mom's lap while Dad drives!


Kim and Victoria said...

Your ankle must be getting better. Our city is around 200K, but I was just commenting to my husband how I was easily chitchatting in the grocery checkout today with two others in line and what a nice feeling it was. Your drive looked like fun. No covered bridges around here. Nice corvette.