Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cara Gets The Giggles

Our baby granddaughter thinks that watching her grandmother play catch is a riot!


Cynthia Rae said...

That was soooo funny! Cara sure is a happy baby!

Two mistakes, I don't think that Grandma was playing alone and the title should read "Grandma and Cara get the giggles"!

Thanks for the video. Can't wait to show it to Uncle Danilo!

Aunt Cyn
(that would be Cara's aunt, not steph's)!

nonna ita said...

Steph, It's great how you keep Cara laughing all the time. I do believe there was a helper there somewhere in the background to throw all those balls. And, what a great idea you had putting the pool and balls together. Sure looks like CAra loves it, you and Grandpapa.

Scott&Emily said...

Love the video! Her laugh is precious! Thanks for sharing your video so everyone can hear her precious giggles!

melusina said...

That is so great! I love happy, laughing babies. Their giggles are infectious.

Kim and Victoria said...

I agree, it really should have been Grandma and Cara get the giggles! So cute. Can't help but laugh along with that.

Kim and Victoria said...

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Cynthia Rae said...

Come on Grandma! Time for a new post!