Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yummmm Cupcakes

Celebrating the Memorial Day weekend we had a lot of things to do because Cara and her folks were up for a visit. One of the many things that we enjoyed was a cupcake party.

There is a certain art to eating a cupcake. Cara was so careful getting the tiny crumbly bite sizes of cake onto her fork. Eating with the hands, we all soon discovered, could be too messy.

We all thought we looked funny with our blue icing all over ourselves. Yes, even the two older ones had messy blue mouths.

With Cara's cupcake in pieces too small to go onto the fork it was time for Grandma to share hers with Cara.

Soon it was time to clean up but before the washrag came out Cara tried to get the last of the icing off of her face. Good to the very last. Later in the day we went on a nature hunt with our own binoculars . . . that will be my next post.


Cynthia Rae said...

Too cute! The cupcakes look wonderful! Wish I could have enjoyed one (or two)!

Scott, Emily, and Cara said...

Cara says yummm...cupcakes! Perfect title to your post!