Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter's First Storm

Thursday night we went to bed thinking we were prepared for the ice storm that would soon descend upon us. We were wrong . . .

. . . this is the view of our driveway, a sheet of ice. It was a beautiful sight but that quickly faded into memory as we soon lost power to our house. At first I wasn't too concerned about it but as the minutes turned into hours and neighbors checked on each other we found that the power would be gone for at least two days. We hurriedly closed up all of the curtains to help hold the heat in and Bruce monitored the sump pump to make sure water in the basement wouldn't be a problem. He lost count of the number of gallons he dipped and hand carried out of the basement but before power was restored it was somewhere between 80-100 gallons. Our house lost about eleven degrees a day. Huts before power was restored the house temperature was down to 47 degrees.

A view looking from our front porch, notice that we did loose a tree from the storm.

The first night we went to our friends house and cooked the Christmas dinner that I had planned on serving Scott's family, as they were to be at our place celebrating Christmas. The second night we stayed at other friends' house and enjoyed a delicious hot dinner, hot showers, and a nice warm bed to sleep in. We cannot thank them enough for having us over.

For some reason our trees out front didn't loose their leaves this fall. All of our Bradford trees out in front were in distress as the weight of ice on the limbs and leaves made some of the branches touch the ground. I went outside and hit the ice off of the worse limbs. We did loose one large limb on another Bradford tree.

Our power came back on Sunday around noon. We, needless to say, were thrilled! I had called earlier in the day and was told that power wouldn't be restored until Wednesday. The weather forecast had predicted that there would be a warm up and the ice would melt, this didn't happen. Things stayed cold and then we had high winds making repair on the power lines more difficult for the crews. Power lines would be fixed only to have additional breaks as high winds caused more tree limbs to break and fall onto the lines.

The following photos were taken today, Monday, three days since the storm. You can see from the photos there is just as much ice on the trees as the day of the storm.

Looking to the front of our property.

Looking to the south of our property.

Ice in the trees.

Looking out over our pond.

Looking back at our property.

We have gotten the food back into the refrigerator, heat back up in the house, and purchased a sump pump that will run on a battery for eight hours. I can now use the electric stove to cook and we are settling back into our normal routine, or so I thought. Tonight on the news we found out that they are predicting another storm. It is to arrive about one o'clock tomorrow with up to l/4" - l/2" of additional ice followed by changing to snow.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we keep our power. These storms are much more beautiful when you have electricity.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

I am so glad you are safe and warm for the present. I hope that continues!

I've had my house at 47 degrees. That is COLD! Enjoy every moment of your warm home tonight.

MoMo said...

While it looks lovely and ethereal to us, I am sure you would prefer it didn't happen. At least you have the power back. Keep warm and look after my sissy!