Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barbies Anyone?

Another garage sale find! A beautiful Barbie Grand Hotel with furniture, an elevator, and working telephones. Knowing that I had the Barbie Hotel waiting for some play time I called and got permission from Cara's Aunt Cyndi to see if we could play with her stash of old Barbie dolls that were in the attic. Given the go ahead we had an afternoon of fun, even grandpa joined in. Yes, real men can play with dolls.

Helping Grandpa set up the hotel.

Getting the front desk in place.

Inspecting the elevator.

Answering the front desk phone.

Thanks Aunt Cyndi for letting Cara play with all the Barbie stuff!

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MoMo said...

SS also has a Barbie stashed away somewhere. It was a treasured doll since gran was not well off and could not afford too many toys when SS was growing up but Barbie was indispensible.