Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ciao Italy

It's hard to believe but one week ago today we were still in Italy. The dark cloud of us having to leave Cyndi and Danilo followed us wherever our adventures of our last week together took us. We took advantage of every minute that we had left but all too soon the dreaded day came . . .

. . . one thing about the airports that I really have a problem with is the leaving. It is never easy to say good bye and not know when your next visit will be with those that you love. Our summer was ending and it was time to head back home full of memories and too many photos to count.

Trying to keep things a little light and goofing around for one of our last photos with Danilo.

With heavy hearts and many tears we said ciao and passed through security at the airport to await our plane that would start us on our long journey home. As we flew out of Bologna and watched the city shrink down until I couldn't see it anymore we settled in for round two of our connections. Our plane leaving Bologna was late which meant that we would have to sprint for our next connection.

We barely made the next flight and as a matter of fact our luggage didn't. How we would have loved to have that extra day if we could have stayed in Italy. Our trip home was as nice as flying for eight and a half hours could be in a confined place with a full flight . . .

. . . how wonderful to be back in the states! We could understand the people around us talking, the announcements on the PA, could order what food we wanted, and get the right items that we ordered. Our first stop was at the Burger King and we both thought this was the perfect place to have our first stateside meal as our first meal in Italy when we arrived was also at Burger King.

Cheers to Italy and the good old USA!


We arrived back at our house in a lot better shape than one of our suitcases though we both were rough around the edges. We, after a week, are still jet lagged but slowly are getting back to our time zone.

It is good to be home but already we are missing our Italian family. We had a wonderful summer with Cyndi and Danilo and cannot thank them enough for the hospitality given to us while we visited. Miss them already.

Now it is time to plan when the next trip will be,who will do the traveling, and visiting with Cara and her folks.


Anonymous said...

Ciao USA

Glad you all made it back in good shape. Looks like your bag had a party and got totally wasted on its plane ride back to the states. So happy you had such a wonderful time with Cyn and Danilo, but knew you missed Cara also.
Welcome back!

Cynthia Rae said...

Glad you guys are home safe and sound but it was much more fun with you here!

Thanks for the wonderful summer and the many memories that we made...

Danilo and Cyn

Jan's Funny Farm said...

It was hard to leave your granddaughter and then it was hard to leave your daughter. Hello is much easier to say than good-bye.

What a wonderful summer.