Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turning Green

We are now the proud owners of a Honda Civic Hybrid. Did we do this to help with environmental concerns or the rising gas prices?

The car isn't even broken in yet and we have seen 45.1 miles per gallon on one of our road trips! Yeah!!


Punkin said...

Good job on getting a fuel efficent auto. The Honda is one of the best if not the best on fuel. Like the color also.

Looks more like you than the van. LOL

Gloria and Punkin

MoMo said...

Great car! SS actually wanted one of those but she couldn't afford the price, plus there was a 9-month waiting list. If the governments were serious about supporting fuel efficient cars they should have given some tax subsidies towards the production adn sale of such cars.

Did you know the technology for production of hybrid cars were available long ago but the development and prodcution were suppressed by powers that be?