Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tea For Two

Getting ready for the tea party.

When Cara visited us last Saturday she found something new in grandma & grandpa's kitchen. Grandpa went into the basement and brought up the table and chairs that Cara's daddy and aunt Cyndi had when they were little; the furniture was given to our children by their Abbott grandparents; Cyndi was a little older than Cara is now.

Cara pours the pretend tea into the cups.

Knowing that Cara really likes to play pretend, while I was out shopping the day before I bought a Disney tea set for her. She and grandpa decided early Saturday morning that it was time to have a tea party for two.

Drinking down the pretend tea, ahaaaaaaa it's so good.

Cara likes to take pictures, with help, with grandma's camera. This is a self photo we took of us; she thought this was a funny thing to do and laughed about it.

Playing in the playhouse and sliding down the slide.

A little quite time looking at a photo book of Italy.

I'm not sure when Cara visits who has more fun, Cara or the grandparents?

So much fun! So little time in a day!


Nonna ita said...

This is really fun to see Cara and her Grandpa having tea together. She is so bright. I don't remember my kids doing the things she does. But then, they didn't have a half dozen grandma and grandpa's doting over them like Cara has. Wonder if that is making all of the difference.....not that you didn't turn out wonderful Bruzer.

MoMo said...

Good for Cara, good for the grans!

Cynthia Rae said...

What a wonderful looking tea party! Looks like you guys always know how to have a good time! Wish I could join you sometime!


Texas Espresso said...

ahhh brings back memories. I had a table and chairs much like that. My poor dad got roped into tea parties several times a week.

so glad you get to enjoy her =)