Thursday, July 5, 2007

Up, Up, & Away

Today was another celebration for Ameridad's birthday. In our family we have a tradition of celebrating ones birthday many times, so today was just such an occasion.

Bruce has always had a desire to fly and enjoys those times when he can take off in a plane. For his birthday I called our dear friend and expert pilot, Al, to see if I could arrange a flying trip for the birthday guy. Working around busy schedules, making a few phone calls, being out of town, and hoping for good weather, we managed to pull this off tonight without Bruce having a clue.

Telling Bruce that we were all going out to dinner we picked up Al's wife, Sandy, and headed to Al's workplace to pick him up. Well, part of that was true, we just didn't tell him about the flying part. The above picture was taken right after Bruce found out that a plane ride would happen before we ate. The guys went off to the airport and the women went shopping. I by the way thought the women had the best deal.

After filing flight plans, checking out the plane, taxing down the runway, it was time for take-off. Leaving Ft. Wayne the guys found their way down to Muncie then headed back home. The weather was hot and sunny, temeperature outside around 88, with a slight haze in the air. The temperature cooled down outside to 60 degrees as the plane flew above the ground at 6,000'. Before landing at the airport they flew over the city then found their way out to the country, flying over their houses.

The is our homestead at 2,500', with our pond in the foreground and the house in front of that, our pole barn is off to the right. How tiny everything looks, hard to believe that it takes three hours to mow the grass.

Time to land the plane and get to Outback for a birthday dinner.

Clearance Clarence, Roger Roger, Over Over.

A big thank you to Al and Sandy for helping me pull over a surprise on Bruce and taking him up flying!


Scott&Emily said...

What a great birthday surprise! Hope it was as much fun as it looked! Great picture of your property and house!

Kim and Victoria said...

What a great, great present! Cool seeing your place from the air.

Cynthia Rae said...

And zhey zay zat peegs don't fly! Well maybe no? But from zee look of zeezs blog, eet appears zat peeg dogs do!

Looks like a wonderful birthday gift! Al was such a great friend to be brave enough to take you up. Hope you get to do it again!