Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yea For Dads!

This year I want to say thank you to three great Dads, my father, my husband, and Scott.

My Dad
I have many happy memories of my Dad. I could fill up a book with all that I know about him and how important he was to me. He always was my safe place and someone I could count on to make me laugh no matter what. He would find time on those old, hot summer days to take our family to the lake and play in the water with us just like he was a kid himself. He taught me many of my values, which I have passed onto my children, and I had his unconditional love. His love was given generously to his grandchildren and when he played with them the little kid inside would come out. As I was growing up I didn't always appreciate my father's views but now I understand that everything he did, he did out of love. When my father retired, he and my mother moved from Michigan to a home one mile from where we lived in Indiana. How fortunate I was to have my parents so close to share in our everyday life and have that unconditional loved be given to my children.

Unfortunately I lost my father too soon and, although he has been gone for over fifteen years, there is still a big hole in my heart that will never be filled. If you are lucky enough to have your father still with you, be sure to enjoy each moment you have with him. Don't forget that you never are too old to give out big hugs and kisses and be sure tell him how much he is loved.

How lucky I am to have had such a wonderful father.

The father of my children
I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband and the best father I could ever have asked for to help raise our children. If there were an order form to check off what to look for in a father, I can say that Ameridad has all of the required qualities and more. Who better to give you insight on the father of our children but the kids themselves? Here is what they had to say.


"When mom first asked me to write something about Dad for Father's day, I knew I would have to come up with something that would stand up to whatever my sister might write. But as we all know, I am no writer of great things. Not that I want to take the easy way out, but a while back I wrote my parents a long letter explaining how I felt about the two of them. I think some of those words are worth repeating here.

I decided a long time ago that I would follow in my father's footsteps, so to speak. I wanted to be a teacher. Growing up, I could see through Dad that education is the most valuable asset one could have. As I have traveled through my career, I have come to the realization that I was raised differently than the way most of my students were. I was taught to respect my elders and my parents always took my teacher's side of every story. Finally, I had parents who cared about what and how I did in life: that alone can make all the difference in a child's success.
I will always cherish the times spent flying planes, wearing matching colored shirts, going on vacations outside of the state, and Dad attending my band concerts in bright, plaid pants!

Thank you for believing in me, pushing me to be successful, and imparting your life's knowledge along to me. I look forward to the many years of knowledge you will pass along to your to your granddaughter! Happy Father's Day Dad!!! Love, Scott "

"My father is a man of science. He is a professor of psychology at a local university and has written a collage text book that was number one in its field (he wrote the book when I was in middle school and, just this year, completed the 7th addition). He is an extremely intelligent man and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Of course my admiration for Dad wasn't always so. Like most teenagers, I thought that my father didn't know a thing! What could he possibly know about life, the universe and everything (42)? He was after all, my Dad.

The teenage years can always be challenging and I, who can be stubborn, gave my parents a run for their money. I never got into any serious trouble, but my black eyeliner and rock-concert tee shirts were a clear indication that I was on my way. And while my friends' parents chose to look the other way and let my friends go wild, my parents stuck to their guns. It would have been easier to let me go out with my friends, but my parents chose to ground me indefinitely. Keep in mind that when I was forced to stay home, I was sure to make everyone miserable. I remember that as punishment, I wasn't allowed to go to my room where my stereo and television promised to keep me company. My Dad was far more intelligent that I gave him credit: he made me sit on the couch with him and forced me to watch scientific shows on PBS!

This rough time in my life only lasted a few month, but they were dog months (each month that passed felt like seven). Though I may have been stubborn, my parents were even more so. Over time they wore me down and suddenly being a rebel felt like more work than fun.

I remember quite clearly the turning point, one day after an argument (and I was really good at that) my father looked at me with tears in his pale blue eyes and said, "It breaks my heart to see my kind, caring, beautiful daughter turn into such a nasty person." That was the definitive moment when I realized that my behavior had been rude, terrible and down right embarrassing. From that moment I changed back into the Cyndi that my family had always known and my days as a rebel teen were over.

This might seem like a strange story to share on Father's day, but it was a very important time in my life. When other parents had given in or given up on their children, my parents kept at it no matter how much arguing or grounding it took. THAT is unconditional love. THAT is the true love of a parent who only wants the best for their child and is willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary to protect their child. I will always be grateful and thankful that my parents loved me when I was "unlovable", that they never gave up on me and that they forgave me without any strings.

Somewhere between the teenage years and adulthood, I came to appreciate my father as a person, admire him as a scholar and enjoy him as a friend. And as for those terrible PBS programs, well I have come to enjoy them myself. My interest in science and love of history came directly from my father. I always think of Dad when I am watching a show on the History channel or the Discovery Channel and I can't wait to tell him about something I learned from the shows.

Thank you Dad for shaping me into the person I am. Your love and friendship mean more than I could ever put into words. "

New Daddy
Scott will be celebrating his first Father's Day this year. Cara is the delight of our family and all of our lives have changed forever. Scott is a very hands on father and enjoys every minute he shares with his new daughter. When I watch the two of them together I cannot decide which one is having the most fun, Daddy or the baby. Each day is a new adventure for father and daugher. Scott has the patience and kindness that his father had making him also a wonderful father.

Happy first Father's Day, Scott. Enjoy today and everyday you share with Cara.

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Kim and Victoria said...

What a great family you have. Happy Father's Day to those great dads!

Nonna ita said...

Steph, your ode to fathers is just wonderful. It was so nice to read what Scott and Cyndi had to say, too. You do have a beautiful family that loves the both of you and I'm so glad you all are mine.
Love, Mom A

Deb Rountree said...

Hello Amerimom..I can't tell you what a joy it was to meet Cyndi and Danilo last week in Italy. We were treated like a King & Queen. We have found a great friendship so far away!